Windows Dare to Live tour

written by Melina

Over the last 2 months, our specially trained team of Angels visited 11 cities, daring members of the public to pit their existing mobile phone against brand new Windows phones.

No matter what corner of the country you were in this summer, no one was fully safe from our team of challengers on the Windows Nokia ‘Dare to Live’ campaign. The tour started last month in London, and our twenty-four-strong team took to the streets to challenge unsuspecting members of the public to a dare…

Equipped with shiny Nokia (Lumia 800 with Windows) phones, backpacks containing portable wi-fi and various other tricks, the aim of the game was to challenge people to a dare using competing phones. If the chosen target could complete a dare on their own phone quicker than we could do it on the Nokia Lumia, we gave them twenty pounds, no strings attached!

On the Saturday of each weekend there was an added feature in the form of a giant adventure game – think high ropes assault courses and giant spider climbing walls –  those who lost the dare on those days were (gently) encouraged to have a go!

(Client: BMB Neon)