Sony World Photography Awards

written by Melina

Not even the wettest and windiest weekend of the year could deter our team of Hel’s Angels from conquering the South Bank for this years’ Sony World Photography Awards.

Q: How many umbrellas does it take to shield a team of eight Hel’s Angels photographers from a thousand April showers for three whole days?

A: A great deal more than you think!

Supplied with an assortment of top of the range Sony Alpha and Cybershot cameras, our Angels were given the task of capturing the smiling faces of passers by on London’s South Bank, informing people about the World Photography Awards exhibition at Somerset House, and generally creating an air of excitement and fun surrounding the awards.
Despite the howling wind and rain, and many broken umbrellas, the team did an amazing job and got some brilliant shots of people in the area. They captured everyone from families visiting London and teenage skateboarders, to rogue ducklings taking a stroll along the Millennium Bridge. Below are some shots of the team in action…

(Client: HyperNaked)