Febreze 'Breathe Happy' Febrezers

written by Melina

We’re brandishing our feather dusters and traveling the length and breadth of the country for Febreze, transforming people’s homes as part of their ‘Breathe Happy’ campaign.

Based on the TV adverts, the ‘Breathe Happy’ campaign encourages Febreze fans to post pictures of their rooms that are in need of a clean on the Febreze Facebook page – those who get the most votes get a visit from the ‘Febrezers’ – who also happen to be some of our Angels!

We spruced and freshened the homes of 4 bloggers over one day, using Febreze products to conduct a full ‘freshness makeover’. Our Angels did a fantastic job – who knew they were so handy with a mop and bucket? Hidden talents! Now we have to work out how to get them to come and clean our houses too…

(Client: Hill & Knowlton)