Bompas & Parr: Mt Rocky!

written by Melina

What do you get if you add 8 Hel’s Angels, 1 chocolate waterfall, 1 giant chocolate climbing wall, 8 climbing instructors, 1 biscuit crumb grove, hundreds of cups of chocolate and hundreds of excited visitors? Mt Rocky at Alton Towers! Over the Easter holidays, we helped facilitate the running of Bompas & Parr’s latest creation on behalf of Rocky biscuit bars.

The smell of chocolate could be detected from hundreds of metres away, luring people to the site of Mt Rocky itself.

Looking spiffing in their bespoke Union Jack inspired jumpsuits, our Angels greeted visitors old and young alike, leading them through the chocolate bouldering wall and the biscuit crumb grotto, and helping them get set up to scale the 10ft chocolate tower, aided by experienced climbing instructors. In order to avoid an ‘Augustus Gloop‘ situation, they also dissuaded children from tasting the chocolate waterfall and instead handed them cups of melted chocolate at the end…!

[Client: Bompas & Parr]