Bompas & Parr and KitchenAid

written by Kim

On an otherwise unremarkable evening in London, selected lucky guests were treated to a culinary odyssey on behalf of Bompas & Parr and KitchenAid.

Our Angels were on board to run the different zones, and serve (and sometimes prepare) canapes, drinks and various uncategorizable snacks which were all taken from Science Fiction films and books. There was everything from ‘Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters’ (Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), to ‘ChickieNobs’ (Margaret Atwood’s ‘Oryx and Crake’), via ‘Soylent Green’ (made with peas and smoked human hair oil!) and even ‘Coffee, Cigarettes and Oxygen’ – the sustenance of Ripley in Alien!

Some of the food was prepared in KitchenAid’s newest mixer, demonstrating its power and adaptability – instant ice cream, made using nitrogen, and food pills that guests could grind and press themselves.

As always when Bompas & Parr are involved, it was a unique and incredibly enjoyable evening! We will let the photos speak for themselves…

(Client: Bompas & Parr)