courvoisier on/off fashion show mixologists

written by Kim

As part of London Fashion Week, Hel’s Angels provided some of our marvellous mixologists at a fashion show for pioneering fashion curators On/Off. The event was to celebrate the launch of the second On/Off fanzine, created in collaboration with creative duo Rankin and Tuuli. Contributors to the zine appeared in the live show and accompanying exhibition.

Due to On/Off being created by Courvoisier Future 500 member, Lee Lapthorne, Courvoisier have supported previous On/Off events, and were doing so again this year – which is where our Mixologists come in! We prepared Courvoisier Cooler in a punch bowl which we served as a welcome drink for guests, and made Courvoisier Sidecars to order throughout the evening. The evening was a hit with all who attended, no doubt helped along by delicious Courvoisier-based drinks made with an expert hand!

(Client : White Label)