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Category: Brand Experience

Investing in Staff

written by HA

Since the creation of our company over 20 years ago, we have always prided ourselves on recruiting and selecting intelligent, premium staff [...]

Häagen-Dazs #ExtraordinaryServe

written by HA

If there is one thing which sums up Wimbledon other than the actual tennis, it is of course Strawberries and Cream.  And [...]

How Can Brands Stand Out at Festivals?

written by HA

The festival season is almost upon us again. And with hundreds of thousands of people attending festivals across the UK and beyond [...]

Singha Beer Thai New Year

written by HA

In Thailand, New Year is celebrated in April with the Songkran water festival, which marks the washing away of impurities and sees [...]

Motivating Teams

written by HA

In this week’s blog we take a look at some of the ingredients that help motivate staff when working on long term [...]

Kraken RUMantics

written by Guest Angel

At Hel’s Angels we are suckers for a love story and this Valentine’s Day was no different as we were tasked with [...]

The Power of Partnerships

written by HA

In the world of experiential marketing, partnerships between agencies and clients, in which both entities are working toward shared objectives are key to [...]

How to Create an Immersive Experience

written by HA

In the experiential marketing industry, the word ‘immersive’ is repeatedly used to describe brand activity. But what does it really mean to [...]

The Experience Economy

written by HA

The experience economy is not a new concept, but increasingly brands are capitalizing on this trend to deliver more than just goods [...]

Highlights of 2016

written by HA

2016 has been an amazing year for Hel’s Angels. From celebrating 20 years in the industry, to expanding our team and celebrating [...]

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