Investing in Staff

written by HA

Since the creation of our company over 20 years ago, we have always prided ourselves on recruiting and selecting intelligent, premium staff who can deliver engaging brand messages. But as the marketplace has become more competitive over the years, staffing choices are often made on cost rather than suitability. However, cheap undertrained staff offer a false economy in terms of consumer experience, as the quality of the staff is essential to the success of live activations.

Here is why we think it’s crucial to invest in staff:

Creative and intelligent staff help bring the brand world to life

If brand ambassadors and promotional staff are able to intelligently deliver engaging brand messages, they are able to bring the key benefits of a brand’s products and services to life. It’s the difference between staff shouting out ‘free sample’ to any passing member of the public and well-trained brand ambassadors approaching people, with simple messages about key benefits of a product or service.  By bringing to life the brand or product, staff are helping consumers to experience something rather than just test it.  By appealing to emotional intelligence, creative staff can quickly and effectively open up the brand to a target audience.

Staff are crucial to creating a connection between the brand and consumer

Promotional staff are often at the frontline of a live activation and they are the human face of the campaign or brand. When used correctly, staff can therefore help potential consumers forge a deeper connection with the brand. This connection could ultimately lead to creating new brand fans, encouraging purchase or changing opinions.  By planning live experiences around how staff will interact with the public can often be the key to creating important brand/consumer connections. This can only be achieved with well-trained staff who understand their role and see it as crucial to the success of a campaign.

Having an in-depth knowledge of each staff member on our database is crucial to hand-picking successful teams

For clients to invest in our staff they need to know they are getting the best quality and the people best suited to their brand or campaign. That is why we make sure we have an in-depth knowledge of each and every one of our Angels, understanding their skills, qualities and what motivates them. We can then be certain we are hand-picking the right people and creating outstanding high-performing  teams.

Ultimately we believe that well trained staff are the true ROI, because they are crucial to the success of brand campaigns.